January highlights (and lowlights), mostly in pictures:


First Derby of 2013 – deadly dull. Things can only get better!

Edinburgh seemed to miss all of the serious snow that was constantly being talked about. We eventually found some nice white stuff in Stow in the Borders:


Doesn’t it just look like a Christmas card?

At last! The Les Miserables feature film hit the cinemas. Being a huge fan of the stage show I’ll admit to some trepidation, but in the main the story transferred well to the silver screen. Some iffy vocal performances maybe, but surely at least a Best Supporting Actress Oscar to come for Anne Hathaway …



An a really sad story. Much as I love extreme winter weather (usually from the safety of my nice warm living room!) the Scottish hills and mountains can be treacherous places – whatever the time of year the weather can change in an instant. Sadly a party of climbers were caught up in an avalanche in Glencoe and four lost their lives.


HMV followed Jessops as the latest household name – and the first big retailer on 2013 – to hit the buffers


Congratulations (if that’s the word!) to my old Edinburgh Thistle teammate (honestly!) Gordon Strachan on his appointment as Scotland’s football manager. Hope he’s able to keep smiling!


And finally, the great weigh-in! Weighed myself – for the first time in 2013 – on 31 January. Starting weight, you may recall, was 16 stones. The January weigh-in produced conflicting results – on the old mechanical scales I weighed in at a svelte 15 stones – a massive 14lb loss over the month! However using newer, electronic scales I was disappointed to find that I had lost rather less – around 2lb. Given that I spent the month munching my way through the Christmas chocolates I had treated myself to, it seems likely that the second reading is perhaps the more accurate one.


Undeterred, however, I will battle on. Three stones by Christmas 2013 remains the target – whether that’s loss or gain I will decide in midsummer!


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