Pre-match nerves

Just one more sleeps before the BIG ONE!

I took the time to share my in-depth knowledge of the game with James McPake and Lewis Stevenson at a recent event. These guys are decent players but they simply don’t have my depth of experience – Pleasance Trust Boys Club, Edinburgh Thistle then Calder Vale in the glorious ‘league of death’ that was the blood and snotters Maybury Sunday amateurs!

Hampden’s okay, but it’s hardly the Gyle, Inverleith or Saughton – and who could forget the icy blasts of Seafield? These young guys have got it far too easy, as I pointed out  at great length. No frostbite, freezing showers and no cloying dogshite to be scraped off the legs for hours after the game …

Both players sat silently with their eyes closed, only slightly shaking their heads occasionally – I think they were just so grateful to hear my experiences that they didn’t even feel the need to speak – obviously just content to listen, hang on to every word of wisdom and learn from a true master of the ‘taebash blooter’ …

We’ll see just how effective my wee pep-talk has been on Saturday – Hearts beware! What can possibly go wrong now?


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